fredag 24 april 2009

Fredag morgon - kort status

(Short english status below)

Tänk vad 30 kortisontabletter kan göra. Svullnaden och smärtan i nacken är borta, blodsockret är uppe i taket och jag var vaken till 03.00 inatt för att sedan få nästa cellgiftskur 06.00. Men jag mår rätt bra ändå. Det fortsätter med cellgifter till söndag morgon. Och på dagen på söndagen är det permis och amerikansk fotboll med min son (det är min mentala cellgiftskur vars enda bieffekter är en ren och långvarig lyckokänsla).

English version

I guess some of you have discovered tools that translate webpages so that you do not really need my translations. However, for those of you who do not, here is a short update of my physical and mental status.

I am back in Karolinska Hospital for new chemo sessions. The cancer came back much too soon. Which now has delayed the bonemarrow transplant for probably at least a month. But it was stopped in time so not all is bad. If they had gone ahead with it, it would have failed miserably. Now I get a month or so of quality time (the chemo sessions are different but not stronger, actually they are much kinder to me than the previous ones) and then I can have the transplant with much better odds of succeeding.

So, now after getting 30 cortison tablets a day, my swollen lymphnode in the neck and the pain it caused is already gone, the tablets keep me awake almost all night and my blood sugar is skyrocketting, but I am feeling quite well.

Best of all is that I will be able to get out of here on Sunday and go see Tim play some football scrimmage. That is my mental chemo, and the only sideeffect that will have is a long lasting happiness (even the weather will be almost like summer with a tempereature of 20 C)

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